January 21-25


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Monday:  Holiday

Tuesday:  Social Lesson:  Horseplay or Bullying?   Last day to work on Infectious Disease Presentations with your group.  We will begin group presentations on Thursday.

Wednesday:  PLC…Half Day..Students will review the Moon Phases and take notes. Be ready to identify phases for a pop quiz.

Thursday:  Infectious Disease Reports…presentation  ….possible pop quiz over moon phases

Friday:  Complete presentations if needed…..possible pop quiz over moon phases; Super Scientists puzzle

January 14-18


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Monday:  Social Lesson:  Cyberbullying by a “friend”; Notes-the path of the Sun/Moon/Earth; Lunar/Solar Eclipse; Moon Phases  TEK 7.9

Tuesday:  Moon Phases diagram and mini moon lab

Wednesday: Infectious Disease Project:  Students will be divided into groups of two to research an infectious disease.  Guidelines /Expectations will be shared with them today.

Thursday:  Students will work in groups to research their infectious disease to fill out information sheets.

Friday:   Continue with research and begin a google slide presentation

January 7-11 Welcome back!!!! ;)


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Monday: Social Lesson: Cyberbullying;  TEK 7.9 Earth and Space  Notes/Vocabulary

Tuesday:  Model and Illustrate the Sun’s physical makeup…parts/description…diagram

Wednesday: Continue with diagram;  TEK 7.9…Suns Affect on Earth..Simulation Video  Part I

Thursday:  Suns affect…simulation video Part II-III

Friday:  Simulation conclusion part IV-V

December 17-20


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Monday:  Social Lesson; Review for Semester exam   TEKS 7.5-7.8


Tuesday: Semester Exams…..Early Release

Wednesday:  Semester Exams……Early Release

Thursday:  Semester Exams……Early Release


December 10-14


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Monday:  Social Lesson: Generosity; Grade Tx Map Analysis; Complete and grade Internet Scavenger Hunt

Tuesday:  TEK 7.8A: Historical Catastrophic Events in Texas and how it affects our environment

Wednesday:  Catastrophic Events continued

Thursday;  LAB:  Watershed Cleanup  TEK 7.8C

Friday:  TEK 7.8B: Analyze the affects of weathering, erosion and deposition

December 3-7


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Monday: Social Lesson:  It’s Up to You; Continue Physics Internet Scavenger Hunt

Tuesday:  Review Lab Observations from Newtons Lab; TEK 7.8 Vocabulary Snapshot

Wednesday:  Texas Map Analysis 7.8

Thursday:  UIL Academic Competition…..Students who are not on a UIL Team will be out of school today as WOMS is hosting the event.

Friday:  Complete the Texas Map Analysis from Wednesday.

****All work missed last week due to absences MUST be made up by Friday.  That includes quizzes, classwork and homework.

Nov. 26-30


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Monday:  Complete Prefix/suffix cards for quiz on Wednesday; write a short paragraph on your experience at the New London Museum; Safety Carton Worksheet

Tuesday:  Bully Lesson: Conflict or Bullying; Go over Test TEK 7.6..retakes by Friday

Wednesday:  Prefix/Suffix quiz  #2; Notes Newtons Law of Motions

Thursday:  LAB Stations:  Demonstrate through hands on activities all three laws of motion

Friday:  TEK 7.8 Vocabulary Snapshot over Earth and Space

Nov. 12-16


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Monday:  Social Lesson: Giving Thanks; Finish Prefix flashcards..quiz on Thursday; Grade Counting Compounds quiz from Friday         Test on Thursday for TEK 7.6-pages 25-34 from your science journal

Tuesday:  In preparations for our trip tomorrow, we will discuss how dangerous gas leaks can be and why a scent was added to it.  We will also grade our chemical/physical Properties and Changes paper.

Wednesday: Prefix Quiz #1…from flashcards;  Make New cards for Quiz #2; Review for the test

Thursday:  TEST TEK 7.6

Friday: FIELD TRIP to New London.  We have postponed our trip to today, so the weather would be warmer and less muddy.  Field Trip to the New London Museum ….We will leave at 8:15 and will arrive back at the school around 2:15.  Don’t forget to bring your sack lunch/drink as we will go to a local park and have a picnic.  REMEMBER….wear closed toe shoes a jacket please.


November 5-9


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Monday:  Social Lesson: Upstander;  Go over the Organic Compound worksheet to check for understanding.  Learn how to count the number of atoms in a compound.

Tuesday:  TEK 7.6 B  Physical and Chemical Changes…Notes and Enrichment page..due Wednesday

Wednesday:  grade homework assignment –review any problem areas not understood; Language of Science – Learn prefixes or “small” words that are used in science to form large words. Make flashcards in order to help with understanding…Quiz over 10 on Friday.

Thursday:  LAB:  Flame Light Relight

Friday: Prefix quiz over the 10 from Wednesdays work.   Latin prefixes part II

October 29-Nov. 2


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Monday:  Social Lesson: Be an Upstander; Enter answers from test into DMAC…retakes need to be taken care of by Friday.

Tuesday:  TEK 7.6A…What does each organ of the digestive system do to help aide in Digestion?  enrichment paper…not for homework

Wednesday:  HALF DAY…students will be released at 12:00.  Complete the digestive paper from Tuesday

Thursday:  LAB:  Flame Light Relight–students will use household chemicals to light and relight a flame.  Demonstrating internal and external heat.

Friday:  TEK 7.6A Organic Compounds NOTES—Identify what chemicals are most commonly used to make organic compounds….acronym…CHOPNS

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