April 17-21


Tuesday:  Character Lesson; Review/Discuss  Test TEK 7.12–Retakes by Friday

Wednesday:  Life:  Conception to Birth TEK 7.12B; Enrichment paper over the human systems

Thursday:  LAB:  Human Cells–observe different Organ tissue and sketch the detail of each tissue into your interactive journal.  Label the cell tissue TEK 7.12 C-F

Friday:  Cell Parts and Functions of the Plant and Animal Cells TEK 7.12 C-F

April 10-14

Monday:  Each student will take the information they experimented over last week on their Heart Rate Lab and produce a bar graph that displays the findings of their experiment.

Tuesday:  Character Lesson; Circulatory System-path of our blood; complete the bar graph from Monday.

Wednesday:  Reproductive System–parts and functions; Review for the test

Thursday:  Major Test over the human systems….they need to review material in their journals starting with page 81….This grade will be 50% of their average.

Friday:  Good Friday…Holiday for all!!!   Happy Easter!


April 3-7

This week is a continuation of the TEK 7.12

Monday:  Character Lesson: Conflict or Bullying?; Integumentary System-Parts/Disorders

Tuesday:  Circulatory System-Learn the different parts of the heart and how this system works to keep us alive.

Wednesday:  LAB:  Heart Lab

Thursday:  Reproduction System of the male and female–parts and functions

Friday:  The life of an embryo from the beginning to birth.

March 27-31

Monday:  Character Lesson–A Students Guide to STAAR; Review over our quiz from last week

Tuesday:  STAAR TEST

Wednesday:Nervous System–Discuss the parts/ importance of our Nervous System and how it affects us everyday.  Integumentary System–handout to complete for homework

Thursday:  We will attempt to carry out our Hot Air Balloon Experiment as per our projected forecast

Friday:  Circulatory System–The “heart” of the human body.  Parts/function

***We still have not been able to launch our Hot Air Balloons due to the weather not cooperating…This projects in on standby until we have that “perfect weather day”.

March 6-10

Monday:  Character Lesson: You’re Awesome; Groups work on Skeletal System Song—due Thursday

Tuesday:  Continue Group work on the project.

Wednesday:  We will try to launch our Hot Air Balloons today hopefully!  Just depends on the weather this week.

Thursday:  Skeletal System Group Songs due

Friday:  Complete project share over the Skeletal Song

Feb. 27-March 3

Monday:  Character/Bully Lesson; TEK 7.12 B-Identify the main functions of the systems of the human organism.  We will spend a great deal of time learning about all 11 systems.  It is VERY important that you study each night and learn the parts as we learn them.  There will be daily grades/quizzes along the way to check for understanding.

Tuesday:  Skeletal System:  *Video Presentation * Parts Identification *Use our classroom skeleton, “Joe Bones” to learn where each bone is located.  QUIZ on FRIDAY

Wednesday:  continue with identification and grade handout.

Thursday:  Respiratory/Excretory System—how they work and what parts are included.

Friday:  Skeletal Quiz; complete work from Thursday if needed; Attempt to fly our Hot Air Balloons-weather permitting.

Feb. 20-24

Monday:  HOLIDAY

Tuesday:  Character Lesson: You Are STRONG; Periodic Table/Elements internet activity do #1/2 by tomorrow

Wednesday:  EARLY RELEASE DAY—complete jlab assignment to turn in; review for TEST on Friday

Thursday: Dichotomus Keys-Shark—Independent work

Friday:  Test over TEK 7.11

****Students will be starting a rather lengthy TEK on Monday.  I have informed them that they will need to get a new journal before next week, so they will NOT have to bring two journals to class everyday.  Please find time to get another composition book.  It can be a small spiral or another composition book with fewer pages.

February 13-17

Monday:  Character Lesson; TEK 7.11C Notes; We will try to fly our Solar Balloons that we made last Friday, if the weather will cooperate.

Tuesday:  Valentine’s Day!!!!  TEK 7.11C  Natural & Selective Breeding

Wednesday:  Benchmark

Thursday:  Benchmark

Friday: Benchmark–7th grade only


Jan. 30-Feb.3

Monday:  Character Lesson: It’s All About Attitude; Continue with BIOMES of the WORLD template:  TEST over TEK 7.10 on FRIDAY

Tuesday:  Microhabitats in the Schoolyard–Outdoor classroom to observe/record/describe an area of our school grounds and it’s role of ecological succession—-record in journal  TEK 7.10BC

Wednesday: Biome Template continued—Due Thursday to check for accuracy of information

Thursday:  Check for completion and review information for accuracy; Succession Enrichment practice sheet

Friday:  Test over TEK 7.10

Jan. 23-27

Monday:  Character Lesson: Positive/Negative Thinking;  Complete the Universal Screener and Planet Project

Tuesday:  Review/Discuss 7.9 Test–reteach; TEK 7.10 Organisms and the Environment-Topic Words

Wednesday:  EARLY RELEASE; Lab:  Exploring a microhabitat at school

Thursday:  7.10 A–Microhabitats–discuss the different stages and how each level of succession progresses. WS-Succession

Friday:  7.10B–Biodiversity; Quiz over Vocabulary