November 9-13


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Monday:  Social Lesson:  Respect-Building Character; Pass back TEST 7.7 Review/file..retakes due by Thursday.

Tuesday:  TEK 7.8 Notes/Vocabulary Snapshot

Wednesday:  Texas Map Analysis Activity

Thursday:  Continue Texas Map Analysis and complete/grade

Friday:  Catastrophic Events in Texas History



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Monday:  Social Lesson: Be a Good Citizen;  Review TEK 7.7 Notes/Information and Microscope Parts/notes

Tuesday:  WORK—What is the real definition of work and how do we measure it?  Enrichment paper …WORK.. math problems.

Wednesday:  LAB:  Microscope…Scan and Focus

Thursday:  TEST over TEK 7.7 and Microscope parts and history

Friday:  LAB:  Flame Light Relight

October 26-30


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Monday:  Language of Science Prefix/Suffix mini words #3..complete foldable….quiz on Thursday; Microscope Online Activity

Tuesday:  Color the Microscope Parts…Learn parts of the microscope and Microscope Online

Wednesday: Half Day for students…… Social Lesson: Are your friends good for you?; Work to complete any papers that are not completed from Monday/Tuesday.

Thursday:  Language of Science #3 Quiz; Turn in microscope papers.

Friday:  LAB:  Microscope….using objectives to focus in on a specimen.

Please go to Google Classroom to check for more notes/worksheets you might have missed during your time out.

October 19-23


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Monday:  Holiday

Tuesday:  Social Lesson:  Moral Courage; Branches of Science activity

Wednesday:  TEK 7.7 A Force Motion and Energy..changing chemical energy to thermal energy Notes/discussion

Thursday:  7.7B  Demonstrate/Illustrate forces that affect motion like emotion of seedlings/turgor pressure/circulation of blood

Friday:  LAB:  Flame Light Relight

**If you are out, check the google classroom for updated notes/assignments that you will be responsible for having when you get back to class.  All other papers will be given to you upon your return.  Also, if you think that you need to contact me, please do at [email protected]

October 12-16


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Monday:  Social Lesson:  Integrity; Prefix/Suffix –quiz #1 material-foldable; grade Journal Test

Tuesday:  Review words for quiz #1; grade Language of Science Prefix/Suffix Worksheet and Super Scientist

Wednesday:  Prefix/Suffix Quiz #1; Receiver Prefix/Suffix Quiz #2 material–Foldable; will start Branches of Science if time allows

Thursday:  LAB:  Pumpkin Chunkin….Building a Catapult to demonstrate Accuracy and Precision

Friday:  Prefix/Suffix Quiz #2;  Branches of Science

October 5-9


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Monday:  Social Lesson:  Trustworthiness; finish Nature Story and present to class; work on fall hallway project

Tuesday:  Language of Science–Learning meaning of prefixes/suffixes that can help up with unfamiliar words in science.

Wednesday:  Language of Science Enrichment activity

Thursday:  Branches of Science

Friday:  1st Nine Weeks Journal Quiz; Who’s Your Scientist?





September 28-October 2


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Monday:  Social Lesson:  Power of Words; Review of Physical/Chemical Properties and Reactions

Tuesday:  LAB:  Reactions in a Baggie

Wednesday:  Physical/Chemical Reactions paper…grade; Review the Digestive System Parts/Functions

Thursday:  TEST TEK 7.6

Friday:  Nature Scavenger Hunt…outside lab day

September 21-25


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Monday:  Complete any projects left; Super Scientist worksheet

Tuesday:  LAB:  Drops on a Penny–surface tension and cohesion

Wednesday:  Social Lesson: Just be Yourself! Nature Story

Thursday: TEK 7.6 Physical and Chemical Changes in the Digestive System NOTES/VIDEO

Friday: Digestive Parts and Functions

****If you are out due to Covid or other prolonged sickness, please check the the google classroom for science to update notes and complete any worksheets.  You are responsible for keeping up with your studies to get credit.  If you have questions, please email me [email protected] and I will get back with you promptly.

September 14-18


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Monday:  Social Lesson: Morning Boost; Energy Transfer Project—-Due Friday

Tuesday:  Energy Transfer Project

Wednesday:  Review for TEK 7.5 Test; Energy Transfer project

Thursday:  TEST —TEK 7.5

Friday:  Project is due; Super Scientists

****If you are out due to Covid-19/close contact, you need to check the Google Classroom for assignments/notes, unless you have been assigned to Edgenuity work online.  You will be responsible for having those completed upon your return and be ready to jump back into class.  You may also email me if you have questions or concerns.  [email protected]

Sept. 7-11


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Monday:  Holiday—–Labor Day

Tuesday:  Social Lesson: How Can I Be Positive All the Time?; TEK 7.5B…Notes over the Flow of Energy through Living Systems-Chain/Webs/Pyramids……See Google Classroom for Notes if you miss class.

Wednesday:  Vocabulary Check for TEK 7.5A/B…Video to use as an Extension for Lesson

Thursday:  Transfer of Energy Research–Each student will be given an animal to research.  They will need to find out what it may consume and if other animals hunt them.

Friday:  The students will use that information they collected to do 3 diagrams: Food Chain, Food Web, Energy Pyramid

****Students that are NOT using Edgenuity for at home learning are to go to my Google Classroom and Copy notes or complete assignments.  I will also give further instructions if needed there.  IF students have questions, I would rather they email me — [email protected]  

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