September 18-22


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Monday: Social Lesson -Never Give Up;  Atomic Attire–continue working on element shirts.

Tuesday:  Atomic Attire–Creating a product based off the research from the Adopt the Element. Each student will design a t-shirt representative of their assigned element.

Wednesday:  Atomic Attire; Periodic Table Puns-if completed with shirt

Thursday:  Atomic Attire..Last day to work on during class.  Due Friday.  Periodic Table Puns

Friday:  Social Lesson- RESPECT; turn in shirts.

Sept. 11-15


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MONDAY:  Adopt an Element Project Part 1 & 2

TUESDAY:  Element Quiz #3; Adopt an Element Part 2-part 2 due tomorrow; ALL students need to bring a white or light colored t-shirt.

WEDNESDAY:  Adopt the Element Project is Due today; Explain Phase II of our project

THURSDAY:  Atomic Model Quiz–Study notes from journal; Phase II planning

FRIDAY:  Phase II Atomic Attire

September 4-8


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Tuesday:  complete the Universal Screener and enter into the DMAC system. ; Review the elements for quiz on Wednesday; Parts of the Atom quiz

Wednesday:  Element Quiz #2-they received 16 new elements last week to earn.  Atomic Basics Activity practice

Thursday:  Periodic Table Test (received last week to study from)  They will need to learn the different parts and be able to find the given element; Element Quiz #3 list–quiz on Monday

Friday:  Adopt an Element Project:  Each student will choose and element to research.  Then they will have to design a  Presentation.  This will take a couple of days to complete.

**Parents and Students:  Completing work during class and assignments at home are very important for your success in my class.  If you miss due to illness etc, please get your assignments picked up from school, so you can get caught up.  Study your notes more than just what you see in class.  Make every effort to do your best in all that you do!!!

August 28-Sept. 1


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Monday:  Periodic Table–identify the parts of the table of elements to better understand how the elements are grouped and how to read the table.

Tuesday:  continue with identification; make cards for the first 10 elements and their symbols- quiz on Thursday;  periodic table puns–paired activity

Wednesday: Atomic Structure of an atom- class discussion/notes over the Bohr Model

Thursday:  Element Quiz 1-10;  we will learn how to find the number of neutrons in an atom

Friday:  Universal Screener

**During our first week of school, the students received some “easy” grades for either bringing supplies or completing small tasks.  Grades should be fairly high right now; however, as we start our content, assignments will be become harder.  Please make sure that they study notes taken in class and be prepared for class.

August 21-25


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Monday: American Solar Eclipse 2017–review rules for eclipse observation that we discuss on Friday.  Begin illustrating our interactive journal with an eclipse theme.

Tuesday:  Complete our illustration and check for completion;  Set up our journal: periodic table and safety symbols for science

Wednesday:  Lab Safety Quiz;  Set up for Thursday’s outdoor lab-Scavenger Hunt

Thursday:  Nature Scavenger Hunt:  students will explore our surroundings and find parts of nature that correspond with the letters in their name.  Each student will need to use those words and create a short story.  I’m looking for creativity!!!  We will share our stories on Friday.

Friday:  Each student will share their story with our class for a daily grade.



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Thursday: Classroom procedures/Lab Safety/Introductions

Friday:  Solar Eclipse information and safety precautions for Monday, August 21st

PARENTS AND STUDENTS:  We will be observing the Solar Eclipse on Monday.  Glasses have been purchased for the students.  We will be discussing with them on Friday the importance of following all rules and safety precautions for this event.

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