September 17-21


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Parents/students:  We are finally in our new science classroom!  We are still trying to organize and get used to  our new surroundings, but we are progressing quickly.

Monday:  Social Lesson:  RESPECT; Present and discuss the new lab safety contract.  This is to be signed and reviewed by both parent and student and returned on Tuesday if they want to be part of our lab experience. Lab Safety Test on Friday.

Tuesday:  Lab: Drops on a Penny….Students will hypothesize how many drops of water they can get on the surface of a penny.

Wednesday:  We will compare our lab results from Tuesday and discuss the different variables that might have contributed to the different outcomes.  Our lesson will revolve around surface tension and cohesion.

Thursday:  TEK 7.5A Photosynthesis-notes and diagram/7.5B Video: Cycling of Matter within a Living System

Friday:  Lab Safety Test-students will answer questions based off our handout from Monday and the Do’ s and Don’ts of Science Experiments.

Sept. 10-14


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Monday:  Character Lesson: Building Your Character; Grade Atoms Family Worksheet; Partner Work-Periodic Table Puns

Tuesday: Periodic Table Puns..Complete with partner and grade

Wednesday:Periodic Internet Activities–4 interactive games to broaden the understanding

Thursday: LAB: Drops on a Penny–studying surface tension and cohesion

Friday:  Discuss the lab results and show an enrichment video for further understanding of surface tension and cohesion

Sept 3-7


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Monday:  Labor Day Holiday

Tuesday:  Character Lesson:  Welcoming the New Kid; Atomic Model Parts; Return last weeks test…retakes on Friday.

Wednesday:  More on Atomic Model; Finding Neutrons in an Atom; Review Element cards; Atomic Basics

Thursday:  Atomic Basics; Atoms Parts &  Elements Quiz

Friday:  Periodic Table Retakes are to be completed today; Enter the Universal Screener answers into DMAC

August 27-31


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Monday:  Nature Hunt Story…Stand at the front of the room and share with the class.

Tuesday:  Character Lesson:  Secrets to a Happy Life;  Periodic Table Handout—Parts of the Periodic Table

Wednesday:  Parts to the Periodic Table

Thursday:  Quiz over our Lab Safety Symbols; Elements

Friday:  Test over the Periodic Table Parts

August 19-24


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Monday:  Illustration Page in your Journal is due.  Full page picture and color must be present to receive a 100.  Use your imagination and let me see what part of science you are interested in the most.  We will share your drawings!!!  File Folder organization

Tuesday:  Safety Symbols Review—add to journal ; Periodic Table handout for journal

Wednesday:  Nature Scavenger Hunt ….students will explore our surroundings and find objects that begin with the letters in their name. Wear comfortable shoes!!!

Thursday:  Using the names of the objects you found on your Scavenger Hunt, you will write a story.  At least one page.  Due on Monday.

Friday:  Benchmark Testing for beginning of the year.


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