March 20-24


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Monday:  Skeleton Project-partners collaborate on their project desing.

Tuesday:  Skeleton Project-continued; review skeletal system

Wednesday:  Social Lesson:  Boundaries; Skeleton Project; Review Skeletal System

Thursday:  Skeleton Project; Review skeletal system

Friday:  Skeletal/Joint System Quiz; work on the project if time allows

****Skeletal Project is due by the end of the period on Monday-March 27th.

Feb. 20-24


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Monday:  Holiday

Tuesday:  Review for test for tomorrow; Science Scavenger Hunt

Wednesday:  TEK 7.11 Test

Thursday:  Work on Scavenger Hunt Presentation

Friday:  Lab:  Ice Balloon

Feb. 13-17


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Monday:  Social Lesson; Complete and grade the Pamishun Dichotomous Key; Quiz on Wednesday over Dichotomous Keys

Tuesday:  TEK 7.11B Notes/discussion over Migration, Hibernation and Storage of food in Bulbs

Wednesday:  Quiz over Dichotomous Keys; 7.11C Natural Selection and Selective Breeding  Notes/Video

Thursday:  Complete Notes over 7.11C; Review for Test

Friday:  TEK 7.11 Test

Feb. 6-10


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Monday:  Social Lesson;   Cell Parts/Functions  notes over Cell Theory

Tuesday:  Cell City Analogy; Review for Cell Test

Wednesday: Plant and Animal Test

Thursday:  TEK 7.11A  Dichotomous Key–identifying objects based  on sets of questions

Friday:  Shark Dichotomous Keys

Jan. 30-Feb. 3


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Monday:  Social Lesson;   Pass out and review Test TEK 7.10…file…makeups/retakes are due by Friday. Before school or enrichment

Tuesday:  Plant/Animal Cell parts and functions

Wednesday:  continue to complete and grade at the end of class

Thursday:  TEK 7.11 A–Identification using a Dichotomous Key.    practice: Smiley Faces

Friday:  more on Dichotomous Keys…Shark Key  due at the end of class for a grade.

Jan. 23-27


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Monday:  Social Lesson:  Unite;  Ecological Succession Video/WS

Tuesday:  100th Day of School …Lab:  Ziploc Ice Cream

Wednesday:  Half Day…Review for TEK 7.10 Test for Friday………UIL District Competition

Thursday:  Quiz over Vocabulary; Cell Parts Review

Friday:  TEK 7.10 Test; Continue with Cell Parts

January 16-20


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Monday:  Holiday

Tuesday:  Biome Project continuation-take info from research and produce a brochure for your biome.  Those that missed last week will need to take their test that they missed last week.


Thursday: Work on Biome Brochure….homework if not finished.

Friday:  Biome Project is due!      Video:  Ecological Succession   and Enrichment activity

December 5-9


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Monday:  Social lesson: Assertive vs Aggressive Behavior; TEK 7.9 Earth and Space–Google Classroom assignment-notes/vocabulary

Tuesday:  Google Classroom Assignment:  Parts of the Earth and Earth’s Atmosphere.  Research and Find on the internet the parts that are missing   Glue into your journal when completed.

Wednesday:  Reading Benchmark

Thursday:  Math Benchmark

Friday:  Moon Phases

Nov. 14-18


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Monday:  Complete the Catastrophic Events of Texas

Tuesday: TEK 7.8 C Notes/Discussion; Weathering/Erosion/Deposition Activity

Wednesday:   Texas Map Analysis

Thursday:  TEK 7.8 Test

Friday:  Field Trip to New London Oil Museum—–Don’t forget to bring lunch and ALSO dress warm as we will be outside most of the day.    We will leave at 8:15 and return around 2:15.

November 7-11


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Monday:  Social Lesson;  You will get 20 new prefix/suffix words today for a quiz on Thursday.

Tuesday:  LAB: Microscope parts/identification/focusing on a specimen

Wednesday:  TEK 7.8 Vocabulary Snapshot-Earth and Space: How natural events and human activity can impact our Earth Systems. Catastrophic events such as tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires and flooding.

Thursday:  Quiz over the Prefix/Suffix words; more notes on Catastrophic Events and the worst in Texas history to date

Friday:  Test-Microscope Parts and info from handout; more notes/discussion over TEK 7.8

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