Feb. 27-March 3

Monday:  Character/Bully Lesson; TEK 7.12 B-Identify the main functions of the systems of the human organism.  We will spend a great deal of time learning about all 11 systems.  It is VERY important that you study each night and learn the parts as we learn them.  There will be daily grades/quizzes along the way to check for understanding.

Tuesday:  Skeletal System:  *Video Presentation * Parts Identification *Use our classroom skeleton, “Joe Bones” to learn where each bone is located.  QUIZ on FRIDAY

Wednesday:  continue with identification and grade handout.

Thursday:  Respiratory/Excretory System—how they work and what parts are included.

Friday:  Skeletal Quiz; complete work from Thursday if needed; Attempt to fly our Hot Air Balloons-weather permitting.

Feb. 20-24

Monday:  HOLIDAY

Tuesday:  Character Lesson: You Are STRONG; Periodic Table/Elements internet activity do #1/2 by tomorrow

Wednesday:  EARLY RELEASE DAY—complete jlab assignment to turn in; review for TEST on Friday

Thursday: Dichotomus Keys-Shark—Independent work

Friday:  Test over TEK 7.11

****Students will be starting a rather lengthy TEK on Monday.  I have informed them that they will need to get a new journal before next week, so they will NOT have to bring two journals to class everyday.  Please find time to get another composition book.  It can be a small spiral or another composition book with fewer pages.

February 13-17

Monday:  Character Lesson; TEK 7.11C Notes; We will try to fly our Solar Balloons that we made last Friday, if the weather will cooperate.

Tuesday:  Valentine’s Day!!!!  TEK 7.11C  Natural & Selective Breeding

Wednesday:  Benchmark

Thursday:  Benchmark

Friday: Benchmark–7th grade only


Jan. 30-Feb.3

Monday:  Character Lesson: It’s All About Attitude; Continue with BIOMES of the WORLD template:  TEST over TEK 7.10 on FRIDAY

Tuesday:  Microhabitats in the Schoolyard–Outdoor classroom to observe/record/describe an area of our school grounds and it’s role of ecological succession—-record in journal  TEK 7.10BC

Wednesday: Biome Template continued—Due Thursday to check for accuracy of information

Thursday:  Check for completion and review information for accuracy; Succession Enrichment practice sheet

Friday:  Test over TEK 7.10

Jan. 23-27

Monday:  Character Lesson: Positive/Negative Thinking;  Complete the Universal Screener and Planet Project

Tuesday:  Review/Discuss 7.9 Test–reteach; TEK 7.10 Organisms and the Environment-Topic Words

Wednesday:  EARLY RELEASE; Lab:  Exploring a microhabitat at school

Thursday:  7.10 A–Microhabitats–discuss the different stages and how each level of succession progresses. WS-Succession

Friday:  7.10B–Biodiversity; Quiz over Vocabulary

Jan. 16-20

Monday:  Holiday

Tuesday:  Bully Lesson: Rumors and Gossip; Grade the Earth/Sun Quiz; Continue with Planet exploration

Wednesday:  Complete the Planet Research paper

Thursday:  Moon Phase Lab;   Moon Phase Quiz

Friday: TEST  TEK 7.9 Earth and Space

Jan. 9-13

Monday:  Bully Lesson #16—Are You Addicted to your device-computer or cellphone?;  Notes over Eclipse–Solar and Lunar; 8  Moon Phases.

Tuesday:  Continue with notes and videos depicting those  in our solar system; review the Earths layers

Wednesday: Arranging the Moons–students will have to determine the types of moon that are depicted in the lesson and place them in the proper area.  Journals may be used for help.

Thursday:  Universal Screener for the middle of the year.

Friday:  Quiz over the Earth/Moon/Eclipse notes.

Jan 2–Jan 6

Monday:  Bully Lesson #15; TEK 7.9 Earth and Space-intro notes/vocabulary to know

Tuesday:  7.9A–Analyze how life exists on our solar system   Notes: SUN–parts and information about how it helps with our survival

Wednesday:  EARTH- learn the different layers of Earth and the layers of our Atmosphere.

Thursday:  SUN/EARTH/MOON—rotation, revolution and orbiting—what’s the difference?

Friday:  MOON Phases—learn the position and names of each moon phase in relation to Sun.

December 12-16

Monday:  Bully Lesson #14; Semester Exam Review

Tuesday:  Semester Exam Review; Quiz Games

Wednesday:  EXAMS: 7th, 3rd, 4th, 8th period classes

Thursday:  EXAMS: 1st and 2nd period classes—EARLY RELEASE

Friday:  EXAMS: 6th and 5th period classes—EARLY RELEASE

Students can be released after their exams with a parent checking them out.


December 5-9

Monday:  Bully Lesson #13; Our STUCO has given us an Recycle theme for our decorations this year.  Each student will need to reflect on materials that can be recycled and decorate a stocking for our hallway decorations in Science.  This will be for a grade.  Remind students of our test and what to study for Tuesday.

Tuesday:  TEST over 7.8–notes from p.45 to 50 in their journal.; continue working on the stocking deco.

Wednesday:  Personalize our Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments from lab last week.

Thursday:  Continue with Ornaments…..This will count as a completion grade.

Friday:  Begin our semester exam review.